Compare Custom Fields Between Salesforce Orgs

Pete Nicholls

A little while ago, we introduced Comparisons as a way to see the difference in code and configuration between any two orgs. Today, we’re releasing support for seeing custom fields separate from custom objects.

Comparing a custom field between two Salesforce orgs, with the raw XML source of the custom field visible

Seeing which fields have changed is incredibly useful when trying to understand the differences between two orgs. Of course, you can still see your custom fields inside your objects, but it’s now much easier to quickly see which fields have been added, deleted, and modified.

We think Comparisons is already a great companion for building Change Sets (and soon, Migrations), but we’re not stopping here. We’re planning on making it even better in the coming weeks, with support for search, diffs, and syntax highlighting.If you want to be the first to know when we release these features, you can follow us on Twitter.

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