A Salesforce Deployment Checklist

Pete Nicholls

In 2003, Michigan hospitals adopted a new practice that caused the infection rate of Intensive Care Unit patients to fall by 66%. Researchers were stunned. Within 18 months, more than 1,500 lives were saved. Care to guess what it was?

A checklist. Not even a complicated checklist. Just five simple steps that everyone already knew. Steps like Wash your hands with soap and Wear a sterile mask, hat, gown, and gloves.

The lesson is a good one: doing better isn't always a matter of trying something new. Sometimes it just means following through on what you already know. And a good checklist can help you do exactly that.

Paper power

Today, we at the Test Pilot elf workshop have put together something you might find useful: a printable notepad you can use to make your own checklist and keep notes on your next deployment.

A preview of the Salesforce Deployment Checklist

Download PDF (A4, International) Download PDF (US Letter)

Want to customise it? Download the original Pages template

It has everything we think a good Salesforce deployment checklist needs:

  • Pre-deployment steps that you make on the lead-up to your deployment
  • Deployment steps that you do on the day
  • Post-deployment steps that you need to remember to do afterwards
  • Impact to customers/users so you know who’s affected
  • In case of emergency instructions, so you’re not stuck if something goes wrong
  • Dates and times so you can keep records of how the deployment went

Of course, we’re working on a more high-tech solution to deployments, but we hope this helps in some small way the next time you’re deploying changes. Just remember: checklists save lives.


The Salesforce Deployment Checklist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license – you’re free to share and modify the template as long as you credit us when you do so. Enjoy!

A filled-out Salesforce Deployment Checklist in action on wooden desk

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