Display Your Salesforce Test Run Status in Your System Tray or Menu Bar

Pete Nicholls

Hot on the heels of our GitHub badges for Salesforce update, we now support keeping an eye on your orgs’ health from your system tray on Windows or Linux, or menu bar on Mac.

ccMenu for Mac displaying two Salesforce orgs’ test run statuses

Support for this feature is provided by our automatic daily test runs. Connect your org to Karabiner, and we’ll run your tests every day to let you know whether everything’s still working as expected.


On macOS or Mac OS X, download CCMenu from the Mac App Store.

Once installed, click the “+” button to add a new project.

Steps for adding a project to CCMenu

You can find your Feed URL on your org’s Settings page inside Karabiner. Each org in Karabiner has a unique feed URL, so you can track whichever combination of orgs makes the most sense to you.

When your tests fail, CCMenu will alert you with a system notification. Click on the notification to quickly jump to the org in Karabiner.


On Windows, you can use CCTray. From the CruiseControl.NET download page, download CruiseControl.NET-CCTray- (a later version might be available).

Once installed, open the Settings panel and check the “Show in Taskbar” option.

Checking the “Show in Taskbar” option in CCTray

Next, click on the Build Projects tab and click Add… and then Add Server.

Adding a project in CCTray

Choose the Supply a custom HTTP URL option, and paste your org's Feed URL, which you can find on your org's Settings page.

Adding a feed URL in CCTray

From the Available Projects pane, click on the org's name to highlight it, and confirm the selection by pressing OK.

Adding a feed URL in CCTray

Repeat as needed for additional orgs.


On Linux you can use buildnotify. For users on Ubuntu Utopic Unicorn 14.10 and later, buildnotify can be installed through apt:

  sudo apt-get install buildnotify

You can find your Feed URL on your org’s Settings page inside Karabiner.

Other software

Any software that supports the CruiseControl “cctray” standard will work. Most major CI servers – Jenkins, TeamCity, Atlassian Bamboo, Hudson, etc. – use this format, so a few options are available. Here’s a few we’re aware of:

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