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Automation for your RV Rentals

Connect your RV rental workflow with the platforms you are already using like Outdoorsy and RVShare to thousands of automations (powered by Zapier).


Works with

Connect to Gmail
Step 1

Connect to Gmail

These platforms are currently not offering API access to apps like us! We get the actions from the rental process by processing email notifications. We only store data from the platform-based email notifications. Your data privacy is very important to us.

Activate your platform.
Step 2

Activate your platform.

Select the Platforms you already use like Outdoorsy and RV Share.

Subscribe to Events.
Step 3

Subscribe to Events.

Select which events you are interested in. Once you subscribe to those events, we will start sending that data to Zapier.

  • New Booking
  • New Message
  • New Payment
  • Booking Completed
  • and more!
Setup Automations
Step 4

Setup Automations

Configure your automations step by step in Zapier

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